Who is Charles..!

Well I´m this Blog owner.. Before I start, just to clear out things..I KNOW MY GRAMMAR SUCKS..ok lets continue.

The idea of making a Blog came after realizing I was in need of a place where I could show my self to the world..

A place where I could post about Cars, Cats, Horses puking Rainbow and everything I wanted.. now.. I already have an Facebook

Account for that XD!.. Why the Blog?  <Insert reason here>  Just to show my self to world Larger than my 400 Facebook Friend..

I´m a Symphonic Metal lover and I have a exquisite taste for that kind of music you can found only after aeons of searching..

Circus Music, Sailors Musis,Dark Cabaret and many things I consider I´m lucky of having in my personal Collection..

I love buying Digipacks and Special Edition of CDs.. And well just to clear things over..  No i´m not a Simone Simons/Tarja/Sharon de Adel fan.. my real and only true musical  love is in  clear dispute between Dominique Persi and Anne Nurmi.. 🙂

Hope you enjoy this feast of  news and stuff I´ll be posting..

Regards.. CharlesPemquin.



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