Sarcasm Time..!

7 Ago

Guys… Hope you had a great week..getting tons of paperwork and boss yelling times must be awesome.. ;).. Same for me..ermmm not XD!

Today I´ll brough you something simple but yet awesome.. its called Sarcasm..! I use it on daily basis and I can assure you it can be your best friend and your worst enemy.. so learn to use it..!

I found and excellent video on youtube with some sarcasm examples ! 

Hope you like it and well we owe this masterpiece to go put some thumbs up and comment..!

A short post.. but well you paid for a one way ticket not for a round trip or did ya? Hope not cuz you´ll not get it today mwuahahahah!

For tomorrow I´ll bring you some stuff about one of our most loved friend the “Troll Face”.. How could you not love this face:

See ya guys..

Charles Pemquin.











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