How can a Question become the most Powerful Answer on Facebook.!

5 Ago

Hi guys ..!  

Have you ever noticed during your time using Facebook as soon people lack some “noodles” in their Heads.. From no sense Posts.. to almost baby comunication Skills.. Honestly it Sickens me.. I´m trying my best to bring you at least 1 interesting post everyday.. which I carefully think before start typing, and well meanwhile I do this.. theres some people who can get even the right idea out of a 3 Sentence text. Is that so hard.. or or.. well lets end the idea here.

In this post I´ll will use a typical situation.. so I assume you might live it.. seen it or at least form part of it. So here I go.. Enjoy!

Johny´s Nightmare Post:

-After a long tiresome day, Johny opens his facebook account and writes in his wall the following text:

“Damn! Some people think they are a Karaoke Machine.. Keep posting youtube Vids minute to minute.. I think some should get an Itunes”

-Johny goes to have a delicius Jam and Cheese sandwich.. meanwhile on Facebook.. some people start reading his post.. nothing important, but finally HIM.. from his 400 friends.. that single person had to read it.

“RandomGuy69 commented on y0ur wall Post”

Text reads like this:

“Johny why dont better say thing on my Face.. if you dont like people to post vids.. then go F$ck urself”

-Johny see RandomGuy69 post.. and counter attacks in pretty clever way:

“Dude.. 3 things: 1-Did I tagged you? Or At least reffered your name on My Post?, 2-Did you got my Sarcasm at Least?3- Did I said I hate Video Posting?.. Just to take in mind for next comment :)!”

-Randomguy69 answers 5 min Later:

Nah..dont confuse me” <—– Common answer when an reasonable and inteligent post can not be done.

-Johny says:

“So? Thought you would answer me…”

-No response-

-Johny gets at leats 17 likes on his post and goes to bed-

Comment: The Clearest and Easiest way to shut up an annoying person.. It might take more time with a bit Smarter guys, but with most shrimpheads it will be a piece of cake. Always remember to do short coments only referring to the situation not the person and be clever.. there simply some question that would take at least a paragraph to answer.. do some of them.. a redo the process XD, doing this will get you through most arguing fastly.

Side Note: –Remember to think a lot about what are you going to post.. who it might harm and who it might bother. If you have an enough mature and smart mind.. you can write about any “Drama Magnet” post and end shutting up everyone. You can apply this theory to the real world too, just adapt those question into some neat sentence and you´ll will be able to talk about almost any topic you consider interesting and never get misunderstood.

Hope you like it Guys.. See ya Tomorrow.





Una respuesta to “How can a Question become the most Powerful Answer on Facebook.!”

  1. erial 08/06/2011 a 11:38 pm #

    Me gusta mucho tu punto de vista a la hora de tratar los temas, es bastante interesante y original….sigue asi.


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