People..! Dont be a “James”.. Be Real..!

4 Ago

Hiho all!

I found really funny the way some people manage their personality for every situation of the day. He/She/It (?)  might be the funniest clown in the world with the pals, the most serious and boring person with the workmates and a regular and common person while shopping.. but is that good or not?  I´ll give you some of my thoughts about a very Particular situation.


Situation : “James” is at his first day at work, he acts very seriously and lack any emotion on his face.. due to this and his way of dressing, coworkers start gossiping he might be a weirdo or he just hates people. As soon as James finish his work shift he meets his friends and start having  a great time at the park next to the Office Building, James is Laughing, Smiling and well Being “himself”.. some of the coworkers see him and feel bad because his way of acting during his work.. Next weeks keeps beign the same routine.. James has not a simple friend on the whole office and due to that he quits the job.

Comment: One of the most common situations, it might not be “James” total fault as it could totally be. Lets think about the most probable situations:

1-James” is a very shy person and does not feels confortable in his work place, so his way to show no fear is to be as cold as posible.

2-James” has a socializing troubles and after his 2-3 close friends he consider rest of people as unknowns so he do not show them any kind of sympathy.

3-“James” was forced to work, so before meeting anyone he already has a negative idea of the place, conducting to that cold personality

4-James” has the 3 situations above or at least 2 of them, that make him a very difficult person to understand and finally causes him to quit his job.

–Even if “James” didnt had any situation of the ones mentioned above, we all know he might have a particular reason to act like that. But in this case we are taking him as an example of someone pretending to be someone who he is not, even if he acts just with some persons or with everyone.  I invite you to think about your own person and situations.! It might be Keily: The tipical highschool queen, but does she keep beign that after classes?”. Or Marcus: “The clown in your office, but what is his real intentions, Friends or Attention?”


–There could be a lot more of “Situations” that would apply for this case and its up to you as readers to think about them.–

Final thoughts: Guys please dont act as “James”.. I can assure you most of us have acted like him at least one time on our life. It looks Shameful and Fake for the people who know you. Now just to get things Straight  theres a mood for every situation, you must not be a clown at work, but you can be a really respectful and funny person. So try to mix both of best worlds, that will slowly forge your personality and make you a Mature Person.








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