3 Really Dumb “Rules”? And my Opinion about each of Them…!

3 Ago






Ok guys.. Today post will be about some very wrong ideas that some people who hear Metal or consider themselves Metalheads Have…!

There are some situations or actions that annoy me about people and the principal is: —-when they take something rlly rlly Seriously.. to the point they close themselves  to anything else that is not related to what they “Like”.. and well maybe all not have that Issue but well..You know what.. enough Fecal Talking..

I will List the 10 “Rules” that at my point of view are totally wrong .. **People if you have one of these.. Ask Medical Help**!

-1st Rule: Let your Hair grow at least to your middle back, Or shave it Totally.

Comment: Ok guys.. this “Rule”  has a Double Edge.. You may like having Long Hair (You´ll have that Metalhead Look with it )

Or you may like it completly Shaved (Metalhead look Again).. For your close pals it will not be a deal.. but for the IGNORANT people..            a total shame.. Sadly this rule is one of the most feeling hurting of all.. and also kinda a Must.. but again is up to you pals.                            ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

2nd Rule: Metal at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.. Consider a Blasfemy to hear any kind of non distorted or Rough music during the Day..

Comment: My favorite One..! This is very common to see on Black , Death and Thrash Metal Fans.. In most cases they only hear music related to Corpses, Political Trouble and well Hellforged Ideals HAHAHA.. but ok guys.. There is so many good Bands out of the Metal Scene.. From Folk Artist.. to Avant Garde Musicians , Circus Music, Theathrical Music, Etc.. Sorry Corpse guys.. but you are closing the doors to a whole new world.


3rd Rule: Accepted colors for Dressing.. Black from Shoes to Shirt./ If not you will be Considered and Mommy Guy and Possibly a “Posseur”

Comment:  Honestly  just the stereotype of the Headbanger.. I rlly dont care about this Rule.. because anyone who classify people by it way of dressing will hear a very big laugh from my part …! For Example:  My way of dressing is kinda a Metalhead one.. Sleveless black and Grey Shirts, Band Shirts, Black Jeans, etc.. but common guys.. I do it Cuz I feel confortable that way.. not because I want to be accepted.. You should do the same with the way you dress..


There are many more that  would apply for this Post.. but I wanted just to show the ones I must see everyday..

Hope you liked Guys.. See ya on next Post.


Charles Pemquin










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