Pidgin..! Quick, Simple, Light .. Perfect

2 Ago

Guys… how many apps you need to keep all your instant messaging accounts open.. Windows Live for your msn Contacts.. Facebook for all your Pals.. Google Talk, AIM.. and the list keep getting Larger XD

Soooo, What about and app that would gather all those clients under one simple but almost perfect client manager?

Ok that would be Pidgin´s work..! No more suffering due to changes on the UI or Functions of the clients.. just enter the information of your accounts and you will have all your pals in just 1 Window .

The graphical design is pretty neat and clean.. the messaging window is very easy to read and overall is pretty fast.

The only con I noticed was the lack of preset options as showing the music you are hearing.. etc.. but after that its a way better messasing software than Windows Live on my point of view.

I invite you to try Pidgin..  you wont be dissapointed.. and having that lil Pidgeon on your desktop attracts people attention ❤

Just to take note.. this is not a review.. I´m just expressing my opinion about this piece of Software













Una respuesta to “Pidgin..! Quick, Simple, Light .. Perfect”

  1. lestat546 08/18/2011 a 11:58 pm #

    Un gran post. Efecrivamente, hay que recomedar el Pidgin, excelente software gratuito de mensajeria que nos da un control completo sobre nuestros contactos desde diferentes fuentes. Saludos Charles 🙂


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