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1 Ago

Hi everyone.. had some troubles to write some stuff for the blog today.. but I brought you something very funny!


Ok lemme tell you guys.. turns out smoking weed can give fairly enough reason to enjoy for lots of time..

But well by personal experience  theres nothing worse than using it on work.. you become such a lame worker you can barely remember what you are saying.. so well thats hell bad for a place where you gotta hear the client during big lapses of time..  With practice you will be able to forget most of this post smoking issues and even get hell better at work with theses… Ok sorry las sentence was a Sarcasm…!


Now this post intention is to give you guys some advice in case your passing by this situation.. XD

1-Have always a SunGlasses around.. you never know if you get red eyes with a supervisor around :p

2-By God Sake..! Use a Notepad, Word or W/e you use to take notes.. Even if client told ya he is a “Mojado” write that lol..!

3-Plan your smoking time.. Weed needs aprox 40min to 1 Hour to end its effect on the Body.. that may change.. but its closest to what me and my pals have Timed..

4- F O O D.. Before and After.. Its like on Videogames.. have a piece of bread and youll feel energy regain in your body in a wink!

5- Be ready for worst case scenario… You can be high enough to no even be able to work.. so have always an excuse at hand*** Just in emergency situation..


I got nothing wrong about smoking time to time.. just take in case this is Illegal and not allowed in most public/ Work places and you must try to study the entire building and close places in search for that beloved spot where all things come true!

These were just some basic advice in case you a starter in these olden rites.. but I can assure you.. you will thank me 😀





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