The “Rain” Effect on Facebook…

30 Jul

Hello pals..!

During my time as a Facebook user I noticed that there are certain things or actions that lead

to an process that is unstopable.. The one Imma gonna talk you about today is…

.. Lets think about a totally random situation..

CharlesPemquin : ” Oh god the new < Random Band> is total crap from my point of view..!”

Now did I really meant it or I planned it just to atract the attention of some weak mind guys? XD

Prlly Both.. but the point is.. this kind of post will get your profile in the news feed..

Just post about a -Drama Alert- Topic and I can Assure you.. 15min of fame will be yours in a wink..

Now.. some advice about how to proceed after posting your Thought..

1- Give your point of view and you might end having an excellent forum chat,

2-Be a Troll.. there´s nothing better to see someone like “FUUUUCK”

3-Apply your randomness and give all some funny Time..

4-Leave all the Rainbow Puking Horses talk in your Wall.. while you enjoy your soda.


Doing this can give you a increase in your daily -like- dosis and the most important of all.. an oportunity

to show yourself as you want people to vitually see you.. either as a Direct Reasoning Guy.. or a complete Troll..
Hope you like it..




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