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The “Rain” Effect on Facebook…

30 Jul

Hello pals..!

During my time as a Facebook user I noticed that there are certain things or actions that lead

to an process that is unstopable.. The one Imma gonna talk you about today is…

.. Lets think about a totally random situation..

CharlesPemquin : ” Oh god the new < Random Band> is total crap from my point of view..!”

Now did I really meant it or I planned it just to atract the attention of some weak mind guys? XD

Prlly Both.. but the point is.. this kind of post will get your profile in the news feed..

Just post about a -Drama Alert- Topic and I can Assure you.. 15min of fame will be yours in a wink..

Now.. some advice about how to proceed after posting your Thought..

1- Give your point of view and you might end having an excellent forum chat,

2-Be a Troll.. there´s nothing better to see someone like “FUUUUCK”

3-Apply your randomness and give all some funny Time..

4-Leave all the Rainbow Puking Horses talk in your Wall.. while you enjoy your soda.


Doing this can give you a increase in your daily -like- dosis and the most important of all.. an oportunity

to show yourself as you want people to vitually see you.. either as a Direct Reasoning Guy.. or a complete Troll..
Hope you like it..



The Dead Brothers-Besame Mucho.. Music for really dead People !

30 Jul

I guess most of you have a band that you secretly hear or that most of your pals

don´t know you listen to.. in my case it would be this Band.. The Dead Brothers.

That old loudspeakerphone voice sound, simple abut enjoyable songs,

are not for the everyday Metal listener.. Honestly you gotta have a really deep

love for the kind of stuff most people at your age wouldnt hear or see..

thats my case with this band and the whole Dark Cabaret Scene.

9 out of 10 will not like it.. but I know that lonely person.. is at least one

step above the rest.. Just my opinion XD!

Cars.. one of my biggest Passions..! Robbie Williams-Supreme <3

30 Jul

Today I decided I´ll keep posting on english due to the fact I feel more confortable

writing in this Language..

I was wondering today at my work office about what was the first thing I reaally loved

even before music.. and even before Pet keeping.. finally after some long mind travelling,

I realized cars and all what is related to them was the passion that is still burning inside me

after more than 10 years.. from 80s Grop C Rally Cars to the 98-98 Le mans races.. I had,have and probally

I´ll keep having that love for them.. mostly in their purest form.. the race mode.

For today my beloved bloggers I have a song from Robbie Williams.. most of you know which

song  Imma speaking of !  Watch , Listen and Enjoy.. One of my fav music vids ever.

Behemoth frontman Nergal sera Juez en la version Polaca de “The Voice”

29 Jul

Una nota relativamente curiosa.. Nergal cada vez mas cerca de los medios pero de la manera que nadie se esperaba.

No hace falta recalcar el amplio conocimiento musical de el Cantante de la banda de Blackened Death Metal Behemoth

y se sabe de antemano que lo aplicara totalmente para evaluar a las personas que vayan a participar en este programa..

No tengo nocion de como sea la version polaca de “The Voice”, pero debe ser un programa mas culto que el Americano  y de ahi

la inclusion de una figura del Metal entre sus jueces.

Nota de

"BEHEMOTH Frontman Confirms He Will Appear
 On Polish Version Of 'The Voice' - July 27, 2011

Guitarist/vocalist Adam "Nergal" Darski of Polish
 extreme metal veterans BEHEMOTH 
has confirmed to U.K.'s Terrorizer magazine ,
that he is in talks to be a judge on Poland's 
version of the hit American singing competition "The Voice"..."

Nota tomada de

Para ver la nota Original ingresar al Link.

Diablo Swing Orchestra-Bedlam Sticks

29 Jul


Una de mis Bandas Favoritas del Genero Avant Garde.. Desde su arte en la Portada del Disco “Oscura e Infantil”..

Hasta su aspecto musical con guitarras Poderosas.. Una presencia de gran cantidad de Generos como el Tap, Jazz, etc

y una calidad de sonido excepcional.. Simplemente un disco que cualquier amante del Avant Garde tiene que poseer.

Diablo Swing Orchestra… One of my Fav CD covers <3

29 Jul

Septic Flesh-The Great Mass

29 Jul

La ultima produccion de esta Banda, una produccion totalmente nitida y musicalmente una obra maestra.. siguiendo los pasos del disco anterior

el “Communion”.. la Combinacion del Metal Sinfonico y el Death metal se unen mas para dar forma a esta produccion.

Totalmente recomendado para los fans de ambos Generos.