Sarcasm Time..!

7 Ago

Guys… Hope you had a great week..getting tons of paperwork and boss yelling times must be awesome.. ;).. Same for me..ermmm not XD!

Today I´ll brough you something simple but yet awesome.. its called Sarcasm..! I use it on daily basis and I can assure you it can be your best friend and your worst enemy.. so learn to use it..!

I found and excellent video on youtube with some sarcasm examples ! 

Hope you like it and well we owe this masterpiece to go put some thumbs up and comment..!

A short post.. but well you paid for a one way ticket not for a round trip or did ya? Hope not cuz you´ll not get it today mwuahahahah!

For tomorrow I´ll bring you some stuff about one of our most loved friend the “Troll Face”.. How could you not love this face:

See ya guys..

Charles Pemquin.










How can a Question become the most Powerful Answer on Facebook.!

5 Ago

Hi guys ..!  

Have you ever noticed during your time using Facebook as soon people lack some “noodles” in their Heads.. From no sense Posts.. to almost baby comunication Skills.. Honestly it Sickens me.. I´m trying my best to bring you at least 1 interesting post everyday.. which I carefully think before start typing, and well meanwhile I do this.. theres some people who can get even the right idea out of a 3 Sentence text. Is that so hard.. or or.. well lets end the idea here.

In this post I´ll will use a typical situation.. so I assume you might live it.. seen it or at least form part of it. So here I go.. Enjoy!

Johny´s Nightmare Post:

-After a long tiresome day, Johny opens his facebook account and writes in his wall the following text:

“Damn! Some people think they are a Karaoke Machine.. Keep posting youtube Vids minute to minute.. I think some should get an Itunes”

-Johny goes to have a delicius Jam and Cheese sandwich.. meanwhile on Facebook.. some people start reading his post.. nothing important, but finally HIM.. from his 400 friends.. that single person had to read it.

“RandomGuy69 commented on y0ur wall Post”

Text reads like this:

“Johny why dont better say thing on my Face.. if you dont like people to post vids.. then go F$ck urself”

-Johny see RandomGuy69 post.. and counter attacks in pretty clever way:

“Dude.. 3 things: 1-Did I tagged you? Or At least reffered your name on My Post?, 2-Did you got my Sarcasm at Least?3- Did I said I hate Video Posting?.. Just to take in mind for next comment :)!”

-Randomguy69 answers 5 min Later:

Nah..dont confuse me” <—– Common answer when an reasonable and inteligent post can not be done.

-Johny says:

“So? Thought you would answer me…”

-No response-

-Johny gets at leats 17 likes on his post and goes to bed-

Comment: The Clearest and Easiest way to shut up an annoying person.. It might take more time with a bit Smarter guys, but with most shrimpheads it will be a piece of cake. Always remember to do short coments only referring to the situation not the person and be clever.. there simply some question that would take at least a paragraph to answer.. do some of them.. a redo the process XD, doing this will get you through most arguing fastly.

Side Note: –Remember to think a lot about what are you going to post.. who it might harm and who it might bother. If you have an enough mature and smart mind.. you can write about any “Drama Magnet” post and end shutting up everyone. You can apply this theory to the real world too, just adapt those question into some neat sentence and you´ll will be able to talk about almost any topic you consider interesting and never get misunderstood.

Hope you like it Guys.. See ya Tomorrow.




People..! Dont be a “James”.. Be Real..!

4 Ago

Hiho all!

I found really funny the way some people manage their personality for every situation of the day. He/She/It (?)  might be the funniest clown in the world with the pals, the most serious and boring person with the workmates and a regular and common person while shopping.. but is that good or not?  I´ll give you some of my thoughts about a very Particular situation.


Situation : “James” is at his first day at work, he acts very seriously and lack any emotion on his face.. due to this and his way of dressing, coworkers start gossiping he might be a weirdo or he just hates people. As soon as James finish his work shift he meets his friends and start having  a great time at the park next to the Office Building, James is Laughing, Smiling and well Being “himself”.. some of the coworkers see him and feel bad because his way of acting during his work.. Next weeks keeps beign the same routine.. James has not a simple friend on the whole office and due to that he quits the job.

Comment: One of the most common situations, it might not be “James” total fault as it could totally be. Lets think about the most probable situations:

1-James” is a very shy person and does not feels confortable in his work place, so his way to show no fear is to be as cold as posible.

2-James” has a socializing troubles and after his 2-3 close friends he consider rest of people as unknowns so he do not show them any kind of sympathy.

3-“James” was forced to work, so before meeting anyone he already has a negative idea of the place, conducting to that cold personality

4-James” has the 3 situations above or at least 2 of them, that make him a very difficult person to understand and finally causes him to quit his job.

–Even if “James” didnt had any situation of the ones mentioned above, we all know he might have a particular reason to act like that. But in this case we are taking him as an example of someone pretending to be someone who he is not, even if he acts just with some persons or with everyone.  I invite you to think about your own person and situations.! It might be Keily: The tipical highschool queen, but does she keep beign that after classes?”. Or Marcus: “The clown in your office, but what is his real intentions, Friends or Attention?”


–There could be a lot more of “Situations” that would apply for this case and its up to you as readers to think about them.–

Final thoughts: Guys please dont act as “James”.. I can assure you most of us have acted like him at least one time on our life. It looks Shameful and Fake for the people who know you. Now just to get things Straight  theres a mood for every situation, you must not be a clown at work, but you can be a really respectful and funny person. So try to mix both of best worlds, that will slowly forge your personality and make you a Mature Person.






3 Really Dumb “Rules”? And my Opinion about each of Them…!

3 Ago






Ok guys.. Today post will be about some very wrong ideas that some people who hear Metal or consider themselves Metalheads Have…!

There are some situations or actions that annoy me about people and the principal is: —-when they take something rlly rlly Seriously.. to the point they close themselves  to anything else that is not related to what they “Like”.. and well maybe all not have that Issue but well..You know what.. enough Fecal Talking..

I will List the 10 “Rules” that at my point of view are totally wrong .. **People if you have one of these.. Ask Medical Help**!

-1st Rule: Let your Hair grow at least to your middle back, Or shave it Totally.

Comment: Ok guys.. this “Rule”  has a Double Edge.. You may like having Long Hair (You´ll have that Metalhead Look with it )

Or you may like it completly Shaved (Metalhead look Again).. For your close pals it will not be a deal.. but for the IGNORANT people..            a total shame.. Sadly this rule is one of the most feeling hurting of all.. and also kinda a Must.. but again is up to you pals.                            ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

2nd Rule: Metal at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.. Consider a Blasfemy to hear any kind of non distorted or Rough music during the Day..

Comment: My favorite One..! This is very common to see on Black , Death and Thrash Metal Fans.. In most cases they only hear music related to Corpses, Political Trouble and well Hellforged Ideals HAHAHA.. but ok guys.. There is so many good Bands out of the Metal Scene.. From Folk Artist.. to Avant Garde Musicians , Circus Music, Theathrical Music, Etc.. Sorry Corpse guys.. but you are closing the doors to a whole new world.


3rd Rule: Accepted colors for Dressing.. Black from Shoes to Shirt./ If not you will be Considered and Mommy Guy and Possibly a “Posseur”

Comment:  Honestly  just the stereotype of the Headbanger.. I rlly dont care about this Rule.. because anyone who classify people by it way of dressing will hear a very big laugh from my part …! For Example:  My way of dressing is kinda a Metalhead one.. Sleveless black and Grey Shirts, Band Shirts, Black Jeans, etc.. but common guys.. I do it Cuz I feel confortable that way.. not because I want to be accepted.. You should do the same with the way you dress..


There are many more that  would apply for this Post.. but I wanted just to show the ones I must see everyday..

Hope you liked Guys.. See ya on next Post.


Charles Pemquin








Pidgin..! Quick, Simple, Light .. Perfect

2 Ago

Guys… how many apps you need to keep all your instant messaging accounts open.. Windows Live for your msn Contacts.. Facebook for all your Pals.. Google Talk, AIM.. and the list keep getting Larger XD

Soooo, What about and app that would gather all those clients under one simple but almost perfect client manager?

Ok that would be Pidgin´s work..! No more suffering due to changes on the UI or Functions of the clients.. just enter the information of your accounts and you will have all your pals in just 1 Window .

The graphical design is pretty neat and clean.. the messaging window is very easy to read and overall is pretty fast.

The only con I noticed was the lack of preset options as showing the music you are hearing.. etc.. but after that its a way better messasing software than Windows Live on my point of view.

I invite you to try Pidgin..  you wont be dissapointed.. and having that lil Pidgeon on your desktop attracts people attention ❤

Just to take note.. this is not a review.. I´m just expressing my opinion about this piece of Software












WoW! Just click on this Post.. you might be one more of us!

1 Ago

Hi everyone.. had some troubles to write some stuff for the blog today.. but I brought you something very funny!


Ok lemme tell you guys.. turns out smoking weed can give fairly enough reason to enjoy for lots of time..

But well by personal experience  theres nothing worse than using it on work.. you become such a lame worker you can barely remember what you are saying.. so well thats hell bad for a place where you gotta hear the client during big lapses of time..  With practice you will be able to forget most of this post smoking issues and even get hell better at work with theses… Ok sorry las sentence was a Sarcasm…!


Now this post intention is to give you guys some advice in case your passing by this situation.. XD

1-Have always a SunGlasses around.. you never know if you get red eyes with a supervisor around :p

2-By God Sake..! Use a Notepad, Word or W/e you use to take notes.. Even if client told ya he is a “Mojado” write that lol..!

3-Plan your smoking time.. Weed needs aprox 40min to 1 Hour to end its effect on the Body.. that may change.. but its closest to what me and my pals have Timed..

4- F O O D.. Before and After.. Its like on Videogames.. have a piece of bread and youll feel energy regain in your body in a wink!

5- Be ready for worst case scenario… You can be high enough to no even be able to work.. so have always an excuse at hand*** Just in emergency situation..


I got nothing wrong about smoking time to time.. just take in case this is Illegal and not allowed in most public/ Work places and you must try to study the entire building and close places in search for that beloved spot where all things come true!

These were just some basic advice in case you a starter in these olden rites.. but I can assure you.. you will thank me 😀



The “Rain” Effect on Facebook…

30 Jul

Hello pals..!

During my time as a Facebook user I noticed that there are certain things or actions that lead

to an process that is unstopable.. The one Imma gonna talk you about today is…

.. Lets think about a totally random situation..

CharlesPemquin : ” Oh god the new < Random Band> is total crap from my point of view..!”

Now did I really meant it or I planned it just to atract the attention of some weak mind guys? XD

Prlly Both.. but the point is.. this kind of post will get your profile in the news feed..

Just post about a -Drama Alert- Topic and I can Assure you.. 15min of fame will be yours in a wink..

Now.. some advice about how to proceed after posting your Thought..

1- Give your point of view and you might end having an excellent forum chat,

2-Be a Troll.. there´s nothing better to see someone like “FUUUUCK”

3-Apply your randomness and give all some funny Time..

4-Leave all the Rainbow Puking Horses talk in your Wall.. while you enjoy your soda.


Doing this can give you a increase in your daily -like- dosis and the most important of all.. an oportunity

to show yourself as you want people to vitually see you.. either as a Direct Reasoning Guy.. or a complete Troll..
Hope you like it..